This is not really my photo. Sorry for getting your hopes up.


Hello, I’m Mojca by the way, the brains behind the writing operation. I’m a student of English and French or to put in another way – I’m able to appear confused in three languages, including my mother tongue (Slovene). I’m 24, but I don’t look a day over 20. My favourite pastimes involve reading, writing and pestering my younger sister. I have two alter egos: Primula Overhill of Rushy which is my hobbit incarnation and of course the beautiful Arwen. As the latter example amply shows, I’m in a great deal of self-denial. Also, I’m religious – my creative goddess is one Jane Austen. You might have heard of her. She’s truly great.
That is pretty much what I’m all about. If you have any complaints concerning my personality, you may want to reconsider them (the rumour is that I have a reallyย  nasty temper). However, I am gracious enough to accept all kinds of compliments and gifts should you feel inclined to bestow them on me.

Peace out



20 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi there Mojca, so you’re a Tolkien fan eh? Me too! In fact friends and family nicknamed me ‘Gollum’ (the cheek of it!), when I made them read the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. I mentioned him in a post I wrote as I live in the river Ribble valley, where it is thought that Tolkien found the inspiration for middle earth whilst staying at the famous Stonyhurst College. I can understand why he found his inspiration!
    I have very much enjoyed reading some of your posts and look forward to reading more, I like your style and think you’re a superb writer with a great sense of humour. Well done!
    Take care and regards, SN

    • To say I’m a Tolkien fan would be an understatement.
      A question. Do you only respond to Gollum or would you accept Smeagol as well? Some people have very decisive opinions about their namesakes. Also, how did you suceed in making them read the books? My family won’t hear of it. I’ve been trying to get them to do it for years. It’s like making Orcs eat lembas bread. Simply outrageous.
      Thank you for your insightful comment;)

  2. Hi Mojca, They have now shortened my nickname to Gol, sometimes my brother calls me Smea, I decided not to mind as it would make little difference to them if I did, they are always out for fun with this!
    It was hard work getting them to read the books and I must admit I had varying success. My brother became a Tolkien fanatic just like me. My college friends were very open to read the books as they were already being swept along with the buzz that surrounded them, so they too became fans!

    My mother, sister and my other friend, much to my disgust, hated them. Even now my friend comments and winds me up about this! I told him that he needs to be taken for re-education lol! I had to laugh at your comment about your family, orcs and lembas bread, that’s great. That’s describes perfectly the reaction I received from them! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I look forward to future conversations with you Mojca, we have common ground. Lord of the Rings has had such an impact on my life, its amazing! Have a great New Year and I’ll speak soon, regards SN.

    • oh, wow, Smea sounds absolutely adorable (probably not what you were going for;).
      My friends (those that are not fans from the start) absolutely refuse to have any connection with the glorious trilogy. I’m afraid that even Saruman’s powers of persuasion would have proven useless against this lot, but I’m still deciding whether I’m above blackmail or not. Any thoughts?
      I sincerely hope you celebrated Tolkien’s Day by daydreaming about second breakfast. It was expected.

      A lovely new year to you as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • supernova said:

        Hi Mojca, yes I quite like being called Smea too, the name does have a ‘ring’ to it! haha. Seriously though, I do like it.
        I think your idea of blackmail is good but maybe it time for your friends to experience a visit from the Nazgul, that would teach them a lesson, “Oh yes precious!”

        Its funny you mentioning Tolkien’s Day and second breakfast as my colleagues at work know about my total dedication and even the boss now asks me about whether I’ve had “second breakfast” or not! Its great fun to work here!

        Its great speaking with you, Mojca. Best wishes, SN.

  3. Hi Mojca. Email if you’d like an invitation to my upcoming Endymion party: drggautier@gmail.com. Endymion is a gigantic parade during the build-up to Mardi Gras day here. I know you probably can’t go, but I like to send invites to my international friends anyway, and I think you’d enjoy the details of the invitation itself — it even includes a tiny Austen quote. Gary

  4. How do we know that really isn’t your photo? You could be lying. Liv Tyler could’ve stolen your look. You very well could have elfin ears. We all know never to learn everything we see and read on the internet. Nice try. We know that’s you…

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