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The moment YOU have all been waiting for has finally come. On January 27, I’ve been nominated for Liebster Blog Award by two different bloggers (talking about coincidences) and I didn’t even have to use the Force. The two individuals obviously possess a superior sense of judgement and can appreciate great literature when they see it. Also, they’re both terrific bloggers. Without further ado, I would like to introduce you to deepsspace and supernova, whose blogger names confirm my private belief that all men secretly want to be space versions of James Bond. As much as I would love to give vent to all gender-stipulated stereotypes, I don’t think the time has come for me to pour my vitriolic criticism on others. Therefore, before I trick myself into any more digressions and get booed from this blog portal forever, I’m gonna enjoy my 300 secunds of fame.

As I understand the rules are the following:

When you receive the award, you post 11 random facts about yourself and answer 11 questions from the person who nominated you. You pass the award onto 11 other blogs, tell them you nominated them, and ask them 11 questions. You are not allowed to nominate the blog who nominated you.

I am ready to comply with all the requirements. However, since I got nominated by two bloggers (a fact you might see me mention time and again), I’ve decided to answer a couple of questions from each. Naturally, I chose the questions that embarrass me the least and do not make me appear as a total idiot (I guess that’s for you to decide, but I beg to you to be merciful – a woman’s ego is a fragile thing).

But, first 11 things you’ve always wanted to know about me, but were too shy to ask.

1. I kept believing that my acceptance letter to Hogwarts would arrive until the day I started high school. Why didn’t it Dumbledore? WHY?!!!

2. I think university PE classes are the most perfected form of torture. – Looking like an overcooked tomato in front of cute guys is unacceptable.

3. Everybody with an ounce of sense should read Jane Austen. That includes men.

4. I’m addicted to all orange-coloured fruit.

5. It’s my personal opinion that I have the best taste in men.

6. One of my best friends calls me Frankie MacNutty. I’ll leave you to ponder why.

7. I’m a sucker for English accents.

8. I don’t like people who cheat in exams. It’s wrong.

9. I always sing when I’m blow-drying my hair. Then I pretend not to know where the noise is coming from.

10. I cannot even feign interest in Apple products.

11. I still haven’t learned to use make-up properly.


 What is your dream job?

I guess running a bookstore where I could organize Austen literary soirées and LOTR conventions.

Would you rather lick peanut butter off a hobo’s bare feet or spend 2 months in jail? (Please include your reasoning)

After a fair amount of cogitating, I’ve decided for option number 1. Sure, spending taxpayers’ money in order to read books undisturbed for two months seems like a good plan at first, but how will I ever explain this when I become the first female president of Slovenia?  No, thank you. Second of all, I have never licked peanut butter off a hobo’s bare feet before, so maybe that is something that has been missing from my life. Also, once you’ve tasted Vegemite, you become less picky as to what you put in your mouth.

What have you learned today?

I’ve learned that my grand-father who is 79 has a more fulfilling social life than I do. It’s not particularly flattering.

If you were going to write a book, what would you call it and what would it be about?

The first novel shall bear the title “The memoirs of MP: Perils of a secluded existence”. And since it will become a national bestseller after only the first week (I mean let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to read that), it will be followed by an equally outstanding sequel “MP – Magnificent Paradox or Merely Perplexed”. And after winning several literary awards and feigning indifference for having changed the literary perception of the 21st century reader, I’ll rise to critical acclaim and go global with my third book (oh yes, it’ll be a trilogy)”MP: Mission Probable” where I’ll seek to underline the importance of human compassion in socially challenging situations (e.g. when you disgracefully slip on an inch of uneven surface on the street and even children point at you and laugh).

Do you like to plan things out in detail or be spontaneous?

Professionals in the field refer to my state as “anti-spontaneity”. It even takes me 10 minutes to pick the right low-fat yoghurt in the store. The staff at the supermarket hates me.

What’s your favorite part about today so far?

Listening to the soundtrack of City Hunter (the manga). “Get wild and tough … “ (This calls for another session with my blow-dryer.)

What is your favourite animal?

The Mary River Turtle. It looks like the reptilian version of David Bowie.

imagesI honestly hope it’s a boy turtle.

Do you think global warming is due to human activity alone?

I think the kind of global warming we’ve been experiencing in the last 20 years is mostly due to human activity. It’s 96% our fault. We’re bad people.

Your favourite colour, what does it make you think of?

Green. It makes me think of Middle earth. Occasionally, I will pretend to be the fair Queen of Gondor.

arwen_sword_ford_nlPhoto source: http://dubomax.tripod.com/SdA/images/personnages/arwen_sword_ford_nl.jpg

Your favourite tree and what do you find fascinating about it?

That’s a no-brainer. Although I’m no tree connoisseur and can barely tell the difference between an oak and a chestnut, I can recognize my favourite tree at once. It’s Wollemi Pine. What’s so great about it? Well, for the last 65 million years it was thought to be extinct. Its exact location is known only to a handful of people. Thanks to the guy that stumbled upon it at an undisclosed location in the Blue Mountains (New South Wales), it has the cutest Latin name ever: Wollemia Nobilis. I love this tree because it revives my hope in the human race. Its sole existence nowadays is a miracle and it is to safeguard treasures like this that we have to fight against climate change and pollution.

Do you like Star Trek, The Next Generation?

When I was a kid, sure. These days however, I prefer the adventures of Han Solo.

My questions for the nominees:

1. Aragorn or Thorin Oakenshield. Explain your choice. (Please try not to base your decision on your libido.)

2. Which is your favourite book and when did you read it?

3. Do you know the capital city of Slovenia? Can you pronounce it?

4. When you put on a dress, do you feel pretty? (I particularly want to know a guy’s opinion on the subject.)

5. How many of Jane Austen’s books have you read?

6. Pro or anti sports?

7. Do you like Flight of the Bumblebee?

8. What’s the weirdest thing that you’ve tasted?

9. If Steven Spielberg ever makes a biographical movie about you, who do you want to be cast as “you”?

10. Which was your favourite day this January? Why?

11. Which would be easier to give up? Chocolate or meat?


The nominees: