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I grew up knowing two things: passive smoking can kill you (graphic evidence in my high school textbook is gruesomely overwhelming) and global warming is real. Call me crazy, but those who persist in disbelieving the truth are in a greater state of denial that Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights. Despite his tragic ending, my faith in soul mates persists as does my belief in green technologies. Therefore, it upsets me when people deny climate change. Stupid says what stupid thinks, I guess.

Poor Teddy.

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Browsing through a seminar paper on ecology that I wrote 8 years ago (my first and last of the kind), I am reminded of the zeal with which I pursued this topic in high school. I’m sad to report that none of my classmates shared this particular passion for environmental preservation, at least judging by the degree of “divided” attention I was given during my presentation (if they knew the importance …). I talked about massive floods, the destruction of the Amazonian rain forest, the pollution of natural sources and the extinction of wildlife. I care about these things. A lot. Probably more than I do about weight-loss. And that is saying something.

At night I even worry about the emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Just the other day I dreamt that air pollution was so bad, we all had to walk with fish tanks on our heads. Maybe I shouldn’t have been reading The Goblet of Fire before bed-time (those Bubble-Head Charms are quite impressive), yet I blame this semi-fantastical nightmare on my overdeveloped sense of the ecological unconscious. Eco-anxiety is a real thing, by the way.


Photo Credit: Chris Madden

The living conditions on our planet are changing. I don’t expect anyone has forgotten the colossal destruction that Sandy, Isaac and Katrina had left in their wake. It is a fact, weather storms are getting worse each year. Sea temperatures are rising and if you passed high school geography, you know that tropical cyclones are fuelled by the water vapour released in the moist air.

Even if you have been lucky enough to escape the fierce hurricanes, you must have noticed some changes wrought by the consequences of global warming in your own environment. One very disagreeable side-effect of climate change is the proliferation of creepy-crawlies. Last week I was woken from my nightmare (yes, the one about air pollution) by the annoying whining of a mosquito in my ear. Mosquitoes at the end of November? – “Inconceivable”, Vizzini would say. Unfortunately, no. I already try my best to exterminate these blood-sucking pests during the long summer months (sorry, but my support for Mother Nature doesn’t extend to all her creatures), therefore, the prospect of being plagued with such microcosmic aberration at the onset of winter is very distressing.


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With temperatures endlessly rising, the seasons are losing their sharpness. Last year, we only experienced two meagre weeks of winter (in early February nonetheless), otherwise the entire Xmas season felt more like a long spell of spring. I’m not really sure what Persephone is playing at, but this madness must stop. I want to spend this year’s holidays watching the snow transform the landscape into a freakin’ fairytale against the background of Vivaldi’s vibrant violin concertos (Der Winter, obviously).

As we are speaking of seasons, the summers (my least favourite time of year) are getting longer and hotter. Basically, for four months you helplessly observe as everyone around you gradually turns into fountains of perspiration. The indicated persistence of sun leads to water shortages and the withering of crops in draught-stricken areas. At the end of summer this invariably results in higher crop prices. Less and less people are able to afford quality products and the fast-food chains like McDonald’s prosper as never before. It makes me sick to my stomach to think about it (and not only because of the execrable stuff they sell as food).

Apocalyptic storms, gradual disappearance of snow in the Antarctic region, the ubiquity of take-away outlets represent some of the evils of the modern world. It is discouraging to see that world leaders are doing nothing to combat climate change except postponing the treaties. They should act for the planet, not against it. Until they reach an agreement, let us each do our bit for the environment – Walk more, take quicker showers, use greener energies. Remember: “Global warming – We’re not lovin’ it”.


Photo source: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/16/stop-global-warming-pwease-3/